Skydiving in slow-motion

Everybody keeps raving on about living in the fast lane. I get the appeal, but must admit  I like living in slow-motion sometimes too. Everything seems prettier in slow-motion. But what do you get when you combine both? Right, slow-motion skydiving! Amazing video about skydiving and different other cool forms of jumping that you can’t do in your living room. Plus the best advertisement why skydiving should be on everybody’s bucket list.

Style Wars – Must See

There are only a few things less controversial than graffiti (on public property, that is). Some find it a criminal act, some see it as art. Others see a bit of both. So before you make up your mind, it’s best to get informed. That is why I would recommend everyone to look at this classic documentary from 1983 called ‘Style Wars’. It’s about so much more than graffiti alone. I see it as a homage to art itself. Finding a way to express yourself in the midst of poverty and violence. Not only through ‘writing’ but also through dance and music. A true Hip Hop documentary. On top of that it’s a great timepiece of New York in the early 80’s. And to think all the people appearing in this film are now in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. It’s interesting to google them to see what happened. To show you graffiti is still very much alive I added the following documentary about the scene in Berlin (where else?) these days. Enjoy.

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Detroit, what?!

Got a spare 30 minutes? Yes? Great, because this is one of the best short documentaries about a city I have ever seen. Imagine an apocalypse, the end of days and then some. Murder City, empty houses, lost glory, Motown, Eminem all of those have something to do with – or are – Detroit. Once the poster city of the American Dream, now has to be reinvented. And who can do that better than a bunch of young people? Right, no one! Take a look at this great insight on Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.). In the midst of all that is wrong and broke great opportunities appear for those who have the right mindset to make things happen. And just WOW to old and abandoned buildings! Amazing stuff. And we didn’t even have to wait for an apocalypse to happen to see this. Thanks to the guys from Palladium Boots who made this!

Some old movies I love

It’s somewhat of a hipster statement, but I do enjoy watching old movies. They didn’t come up with the sentence ‘those oldies but goodies’ for nothing. Yes, they are slow, yes they are often in black and white and yes they seem a bit outdated. Well, actually some of them are really outdated, moralistic or racist even, but so are many movies these days. It’s all about choosing the right movies to watch. And with decades to choose from it’s like a treasure that you have finally found (on X). Watching them is a bit like going back in time and seeing what people were mad and passionate about then. That without the sex, product placement and CGI (computer-generated imagery). But hey, that’s why god invented porn, James Bond and Avatar, right? So you might think where to start. Good, that’s where I come in. I would love to present you five great oldies to start with (in random order) from different genres.
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The End Of Poverty? – Watch It!

There are lots of ‘life changing’ video’s on YouTube. The site is one of the great inventions for the digital community. Right know it’s just mind-blowing to think of the amount of (digital) film that is available on it, but that’s a whole different story. This post is about video’s that give you a new perspective and make you think about things you always took for granted. For example: ‘sneezing panda‘ changed my outlook on panda’s completely. I just thought of them as cute-looking bears who will steal your bamboo when you’re not looking, but now I know they are almost as cute as hello kitty and are able to sneeze (quite loud, I must add). But on a more serious note – this post is not supposed to be about short and funny YouTube video’s, the opposite actually – I recommend you to watch a rather long and serious documentary about the origin of poverty. It’s a real eye-opener and definitely worth the 105 minutes of your day (or life). It comes highly recommended by quite a few well known people like Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) and Stephen Fry and is narrated by Martin Sheen. You can watch it instead of the new Ashton Kutcher ‘romantic’ ‘comedy’ I know you were just about to rent (busted!). It’s the right thing to do and you don’t even have to occupy something!

‘The irony would be that we know what we are doing’. – Kurt Vonnegut