Some old movies I love

It’s somewhat of a hipster statement, but I do enjoy watching old movies. They didn’t come up with the sentence ‘those oldies but goodies’ for nothing. Yes, they are slow, yes they are often in black and white and yes they seem a bit outdated. Well, actually some of them are really outdated, moralistic or racist even, but so are many movies these days. It’s all about choosing the right movies to watch. And with decades to choose from it’s like a treasure that you have finally found (on X). Watching them is a bit like going back in time and seeing what people were mad and passionate about then. That without the sex, product placement and CGI (computer-generated imagery). But hey, that’s why god invented porn, James Bond and Avatar, right? So you might think where to start. Good, that’s where I come in. I would love to present you five great oldies to start with (in random order) from different genres.

Not necessarily my favorite movies but all very good and well maybe my favorites 😉 Ground rules:  with old I mean films from 1960 or younger (and to keep it simple: in English). Too bad for Shichinin No Samurai. Anyway here we go:

1.    12 Angry Men (1957) DRAMA. Great movie about the jury process with Henry Fonda. It still holds its importance. See the whole movie here:

2.    Psycho (1960) THRILLER. Hitchcock classic and my personal favorite.
3.    The Great Dictator (1940) COMEDY (and more). – Charlie Chaplin’s great satire on Nazi Germany. Need I say more? Nah. SPOILER: watch the clip with this post and see what a timeless speech he gives.
4.    Casablanca (1942) ROMANCE  (and more). One of the all time classics. Source of many one-liners. Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Play it Sam!
5.    Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) BIOGRAPHY. Boxing film with Rocky (sounds familiar?). Probably not the best movie of all time, but I really like the way it catches the moral and vibe of a certain era and it’s more of an Sunday-afternoon-movie, than let’s say Citizen Kane.

Enjoy :)

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