It’s all about moments

I love the small things. But then again, who doesn’t? Come to think of it it’s an empty phrase, isn’t it? It’s similar to saying: I enjoy happiness. Or I enjoy good food, hanging out with friends, stuff like that. Because who doesn’t? You could say life is an enormous chain of occurring and reoccurring moments, but all new and once in a lifetime. Some moments prettier, sadder, sweeter or nicer than others. And some more important than others. It’s weird to think about what you remember and what you seem to forget instantly. First memory as a child? A weird one? … Mine is about walking hand in hand with what I thought was my father from judging his legs (I was still small then), but then all of a sudden my world collapsed when the guy I was holding hands with said: ‘I have to go the other way here’. I panicked and my father – who was right next to me – was my safety zone so I grabbed his leg and never wanted to let go again. More than twenty years later I still remember that vividly, while the other man probably found it a funny moment. So, no clear rules on what you must do with a moment. Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I love to remember those small things that mean something to me, but probably seem totally unimportant to you. So when I am going home from a day at the office I might be thinking about mundane tasks, workload and deadlines, but when a girl passes me by with a flower in her hair and she smiles at me, I’m glad my mind is made up in such a way that that image cancels out all the work related stuff. Why is she wearing a flower in her hair? Why is she smiling? Is it a special day to her? Does she really love flowers? Did she miss her connection to San Francisco? Questions like that. I like to – none violently – occupy my mind with such questions that come from the small things people do. The guys from Everynone made a great video about (such) moments. Check it out and see what sticks with you.

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