The (social) awkwardness of Facebook

Recently I have discovered this great little site to stay in touch with people from all over the world! It’s called Facebook and we should all join to create one big happy community. It’s completely harmless fun! And so informative!

We all know that the statement above isn’t really how it is, but the pros of the biggest social network in the world certainly seem to outdo the cons. Most of you would agree.  Just like most of you use Facebook as a nice-and-easy way to share things and stay in touch. In touch with friends, family and with those we would have otherwise – in real life – unfollowed. Using Facebook is easy, fun, (somewhat) addictive, free and as weird as the people who use it!

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1000 Awesome Things :)

Some ideas are just great. Or awesome even! The site 1000 Awesome Things is a direct result of one of those ideas. It’s a simple idea, a blog that celebrates the little joys in life – in a countdown from #1000. So it all comes down to the content of the things that are great. And the content is very refreshing and you can say that Neil Pasricha – who created the blog – is a master in enjoying the small things in life. And more importantly describing them. 1000 Awesome Things kicked off in June 2008 and is updated every weekday, which means the countdown is now at #67, the awesome thing of today is: ‘When cats do stupid things.’ A classic, if I might add. Something YouTube thrives on. Who doesn’t love cute kittens? Well, maybe butler Edgar from the Aristocats, but that’s about it. So when you need a cheer me up, for whatever reason, it’s a joy to go through all the awesome things. Enjoy! GO

Cartoons from The New Yorker

There are few magazines that have such a collection of great cartoons as The New Yorker. Come to think of it, The New Yorker has the best collection of ‘oldskool’ cartoons I’ve come across on my fast and adventures travels over the internet.  And they have a ‘Cartoon Bank’. Which means, the put all the good stuff together for you to see at your own convenient time. Isn’t that nice of them? It’s ideal to check out on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. Or on one of those Monday’s you just can’t seem to get yourself started. It is blue monday after all 😉 And if you are looking for an out-of-the-box gift; you can order all cartoons (and thus look at them) from the New Yorker via this link:

Check out more cartoons in the cartoon bank

Sunday smiles: Michael McIntyre – The Gym

If you are a man, and if you’ve ever gone to the gym – which is very likely – you probably know what the great comedian Michael McIntyre is talking about in this video. To be honest: I don’t know what the nakedness etiquette actually is in places like this, and you most likely don’t too. And that’s where it all went wrong. There are just no limits to being able to be naked if you’ve worked out. It’s like people treat themselves to some exhibitionism. But at least we got this great sketch out of it. Enjoy!

Buy the 2009 DVD ‘Hello Wembley’ if you’d like to see more of Michael McIntyre. And I know you want to!