L.A. Love Story

Everybody loves a good underdog or comeback story. The NBA itself was somewhat of a comeback story this year. Cut short, and with a limited amount of regular season games. But one of the biggest stories of theseason so far definitely is the signing of Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Clippers.

It looked like he was going to wear the yellow jersey, but when the ‘big man’ NBA owner Stern vetoed against it he took his bags and moved to the ‘sleeping’ and losing franchise L.A. Clippers. With him, and the talented Blake Griffin and veteran Chauncey Ray Billups  too, they now finally have a good chance to step out of their rivals’ shadow. Yesterday they took a win over them in a direct match. They truly are the talk of the town, tinseltown that is. It’s game on Los Angeles!

See the Clippers beat the Lakers (in recap)

Oh, and to prove everything is possible in basketball: