The (social) awkwardness of Facebook

Recently I have discovered this great little site to stay in touch with people from all over the world! It’s called Facebook and we should all join to create one big happy community. It’s completely harmless fun! And so informative!

We all know that the statement above isn’t really how it is, but the pros of the biggest social network in the world certainly seem to outdo the cons. Most of you would agree.  Just like most of you use Facebook as a nice-and-easy way to share things and stay in touch. In touch with friends, family and with those we would have otherwise – in real life – unfollowed. Using Facebook is easy, fun, (somewhat) addictive, free and as weird as the people who use it!

But not all is well in the world of Facebook. We all know that the King Mark Zuckerberg and his following blatantly disregard our privacy. They sell our personal – privacy sensitive – information to the highest bidding advertisers.  And not even cool ones like in Mad Men. But hey, we savvy people know that nothing is for free.

It’s free because:  ‘You are worth something’ (I am paraphrasing Oprah here)! If we should believe the hype – even though Public Enemy told us not to so – all Facebookers combined are worth mind dazzling amounts of money. That is because you most likely are a functioning member of society (hip… hip…).  And therefore Facebook can assume you buy stuff (hooray!).

Facebook focuses on the stuff you most likely don’t need… but maybe will like. And if you don’t like it yet, advertisement will unleash its black magic until you will think you need it. My personal advertisements of today were about: shoes (which I do like to keep my feet warm), HBO (owyeah), a basketball voucher (nah), PC tablets (nah) and how to be an online Oil Trader (hmmmm, they must have me mixed up with someone else).

So even though we are privy to the fact our personal information is harvested we still use Facebook. And that’s okay! Your 400+ friends are doing it too! Some things are just great/weird/funny about Facebook. The site Lamebook is dedicated to find some of the funniest things that happen on Facebook and to bring it to you. Believe me, people share way too much.

Go to the Lamebook website.  

Another thing I like about Facebook is that you can like almost everything. Two rather nice pages you can ‘like’ on Facebook?

  1. That moment of shame when an automatic door doesn’t open for you
  2. That awkward moment when you beat Roger Federer in tennis

Click here to see more weird pages you can like

But the Best thing about Facebook must be the fact that you can not only like Milky Way’s while eating them, but you can actually like them ALL THE TIME.



4 thoughts on “The (social) awkwardness of Facebook

  1. Ik had toevallig gister besloten binnenkort (vanaf volgende week?) eens minder op Facebook te gaan, en dit verhaal sterkt me in de overtuiging dat dat een goed idee is :) is wat je onderaan je site hebt staan (liking nice things does not make you a nice person) ook een referentie naar Facebook?

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