Oldskool ads, like mid 1800, early 1900 oldskool.

Wouldn’t you love to live in a time where all advertisements were still in black and white? Outdated? Only in print? And sexist? No? Me neither, but would it be nice to see what these advertisements looked like back in de mid 1800 until the early 1900? Yes, of course it would! Luckily some people just love old advertisements, collect them in abundance and share their collection online! Guys like Jay Paull give us a great insight in a certain era of advertisement (and thus life). He just saved you a trip to your local library archive. So check it out here:

Oldskool advertisements

From all the things that were undoubtedly better ‘back in the day’, one stands out the most: collars and cuffs.

Opposed to some ‘currrent day trends’ (haha!):

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